Strip It, Cage It, Race It.

Powersports Garage specializes in mechanical repairs, custom fabrication, and restoration and it has a complete race ready program designed for your race needs, both local and remote.

Powersports Garage is located in the heart of Calabogie Motorsport Park a world-class racing facility, home to the longest track in Canada.

Powersports Garage is more than racing. The team at Powersports are dealer trained licenced mechanics. They are ready to service your car or truck with the same attention to detail and standards as they put into their race program.

Owner and founder of Powersports Garage, Jay Fredericks, has a dedicated and experienced team ready to service, build and maintain your race car or street car. Jay opened Powersports in 2013. A licenced mechanic for the past 20 years coupled with seven years in Nascar, as car chief, SCCA Trans Am TA2 and IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup crew chief, Jay’s company is a perfect fit at Calabogie Motorsport Park. Over the past seven years Jay has built a well-respected company whose services are sought after in the race community.

Fabrication & Restoration


Roll cages, axles, plumbing, wiring.


Front suspension, rear suspension, corner/weight cars.

Design / Engineering

Tubular space frames, roll cages, suspension.

Parts Supply

Alpinestars Firesuits, Wilwood Brakes, Maxxis & Pirelli Tires

Ground up custom restoration

Whether you’re into racing or you want a custom or restored truck or street car, Powersports can build it. Your custom ideas will be made into reality. Whether you fabricate, bolt on, renovate or do a complete car build, Powersports has the experience to make it happen.

  • Frames – rolling chassis – suspension upgrades – fabrication, wiring, roll cages, bolt on chassis, body fabrication and more
  • Race ready or complete street car or truck restoration or build, Powersports can do the job

Custom Race Car Builds

Powersports can build a car for whatever series you run – anything from a chassis to a complete turnkey car. Whether you are a club racer, or into lapping or professional competition, Powersports will build to your specifications and budget.

Powersports builds race cars

Race Program

A successful race team starts with experience. Your team leader, Jay Fredericks, has the professional experience and race crew you need. Jay has been car chief for Nascar, crew chief for SCCA Trans Am TA2 and IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup. His race program begins with Race Prep.

Race Prep

  • alignment
  • corner balance
  • tire srvice
  • garage service
  • storage
  • full vehicle dynamic analysis
  • custom car setup
  • race prep checklist

Track Side

  • track team
  • tech help
  • track data analysis and support
  • radio support
  • tools
  • tires
  • supplies
  • tire temperature analysis

Remote Race

  • arrive and drive
  • stocked track side support trailer
  • licensed mechanics

Race Accessories

  • fire suits
  • helmets, gloves, shoes
  • head and neck restraints
  • car decal – paint

Just starting out? Powersports will guide you with all your racing needs, keep you within your budget, and get you on the track.

Powersports has partnered with ApexV2R to provide you with in-depth track data analysis. They will coach you how to trim seconds off your time.

Contact us for all your racing and automotive needs. We will repair your daily, build your dream or prep and build your race car.

1 613 316 5841

462 Wilson Farm Road, Calabogie, ON, K0J 1H0 Canada (Map it.)

Powersports Garage is an integral part of Calabogie Motorsports Park. They are located in the Park outside Turn 2.